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About Joy M Newcom

I've always believed the world changes one person at a time; I've always found it difficult to do my part by changing myself first. I believe questions propel people forward. It's why I look forward to tomorrow. I get to ask over and over again: How am I different today than I was yesterday? Helping me ask and answer questions are my oldest child, Stross, who lives each day joyfully despite the challenges of disabilities; my youngest child, Skye, who reflects me in myriad ways; and my husband, Mark, the only person who understands the strange existence that is our life. He is my soul's complement . . . .

I love writing

Putting words together feels like connecting dots.  As I link words and phrases, the shape of an idea forms in the same way my five-year-old hand revealed a previously unseen image simply by connecting numbers. I love the feeling of … Continue reading

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